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Spontane Kriek is a still beer blended from our most mature casks, each having spent over a year aging in our barrel cave in Hood River prior to adding 1.9 lbs/gallon of Jubileum and Danube cherries from the Hood River Valley. After another year of aging, the casks were blended and packaged without additional fermentables and allowed to mature for 3 months before release

Notes of spice and tart fruit, oak, and funk from our spontaneous culture. The softer and more rounded quality of still (uncarbonated) beer downplays the acidity, allowing full appreciation of the complex flavors and aromas of the beer.

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    7.9% ABV

    Coolship Spontaneous Sour Ale, aged in oak w/ Jubileum and Danube cherries from Hood River, OR. Bottled without carbonation. Intense sour cherry flavors. 
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