375ml bottle Spontané Wilde  ​(2017)

375ml bottle Spontané Wilde ​(2017)

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Inspired by the Gueuzes of Belgium, Spontané Wilde is brewed with Mt. Hood water, Pilsner malt, raw wheat, and aged hops. The wort is boiled at length, then cooled overnight in our farmhouse's attic koelschip, before aging in French Oak barrels for up to 3 years.

The final beer is blended from old and young casks, and refermented in the bottle for natural carbonation. Bursting with lambic-like aromas of lemon zest, grass, and funky brett, it is a stunning example of our terroir and talented brewers/blenders. We are extremely proud of this beer. 

  • Additional Info:

    7.4% ABV

    2017 Blend

    Coolship Spontaneous Sour Ale; brewed traditionally, aged in oak and blended from 2-3 years. Notes of lemon zest, hay, and funky brettanomyces.