375ml bottle Spontané Syrah

375ml bottle Spontané Syrah

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Spontané Syrah is a still (uncarbonated) rosé-inspired addition to our Spontané series featuring Syrah grapes from the Garnier Vineyard in beautiful Mosier, OR. A simple wort of Mt. Hood water, Pilsner malt, saw wheat, and aged hops is boiled at length, then cooled and inoculated overnight in our koelschip loft before fermentation and aging in French oak barrels. The beer is comprised of 1-year old casks aged for 6 months on 2017 Syrah grapes blended with 2-year old casks aged on spent Syrah from 2016's harvest of the same vineyard block

Bottled with a very slight natural carbonation (Pétillant Natural style), Spontané Syrah has a beautiful pink color and lively acidity, boasting the peppery and fruity aromas and flavors of Syrah grapes. 

  • Additional Info:

    7.7% ABV

    Coolship Spontaneous Sour Ale, aged in oak w/ Syrah grapes from Mosier, OR. Intense sour grape flavors. Bottled without carbonation.