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Peche 'n Brett Vintage 2-Pack (2019/2022)

Peche 'n Brett Vintage 2-Pack (2019/2022)

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Brettanomyces farmhouse ale brewed with peaches:


1 x 750mL 2021 edition, plus 1 x 500mL 2019 edition.

This is a very special offering of our classic annual release Peche 'n Brett, which is our flagship Seizoen refermented on whole PNW peaches with our house Brettanomyces culture. In order to illustrate the way in which Brettanomyces beers evolve as they age, we are including one 500mL bottle of the 2019 version, packaged March 2019, along with one 750mL bottle of the most recent edition, packaged February 2022. The younger one has been bottle-conditioning for 5 months, and has mild Brett character and complexity underlying a full and juicy ripe peach character. In the older one, by contrast, the Brettanomyces takes the leading role, providing a more complex, drier, funky and slightly acidic flavor profile and a milder but still noticeable peach flavor and aroma presence. Because of our extremely limited quantities of each edition, these are being sold as a paired set only.