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Vintage Beer Pack

Vintage Beer Pack

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Can't decide between beer and wine for your holiday celebrations? Here's a mixed case of 12 bottles of vintage sour and funky beer, many featuring wine grapes, cellared and aged in proper conditions. Due to extremely limited stock of some of these beers, only 12 of these packs are available, so order sooner rather than later if you're interested. If you're from out of town but visiting in the near future, we will hold orders for pickup during taproom hours for a reasonable amount of time, just let us know in a comment when checking out roughly when you think you'll be around to claim your beer.


1x750mL 2016 Oak Aged Bretta - foeder-aged saison with Brettanomyces

1x750mL 2019 Total Eclipse of the Shark - spontaneous oak-aged ale w/ Muscat grapes

1x750mL 2020 Mount Hood Magic - spontaneous oak-aged ale w/ tart cherries

1x750mL 2021 Two Rivers Noir - mixed-culture farmhouse ale w/ Pinot Noir

2x750mL 2021 Two Rivers [Syrah] - mixed-culture farmhouse ale w/ Syrah

2x750mL 2021 Two Rivers Violette - mixed-culture farmhouse ale w/ Malbec

1x375mL 2018 Spontane Wilde - blend of 1,2, and 3-year spontaneous oak-aged wild ale

1x375mL 2019 Deux Fermes (collab w/ Alesong) - spontaneous oak-aged ale w/ Tempranillo

1x375mL 2019 Stems & Stones (collab w/ Mikkeller SD) - spontaneous ale w/ plums and grapes

1x375mL 2020 Fish Magician #1 - mixed-culture farmhouse ale w/ plums, peaches, grapes