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375ml bottle Fish Magician

375ml bottle Fish Magician

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Tart farmhouse ale with peaches, plums, and grapes-

Fish Magician is an ever-changing series of blends utilizing components from some or all threads of our classic farmhouse, Brettanomyces-forward, tart mixed-culture, and spontaneously inoculated wild ale programs. Blend #1 is comprised of 63% blonde farmhouse ale refermented on second-use peaches, 20% fresh witbier, 10% spontaneously fermented ale refermented on second-use plums, and 7% spontaneously fermented ale refermented on Muscat grapes. This beer is tart, citrusy, mildly fruity, and has well-developed earthy Brettanomyces character. This beer is bottle-conditioned, unfiltered, and unpasteurized, and can be aged gracefully for years. Chilling for at least 24 hours before opening is recommended. 6.9%ABV