375ml bottle Deux Fermes (Alesong Collab)

375ml bottle Deux Fermes (Alesong Collab)


Collaboration with Alesong Brewing & Blending


Matt and Brian from Alesong came out to our farm brewery and brewed a traditional lambic-inspired recipe, allowing it to cool overnight in our coolship, before taking half of the innoculated wort back to their brewery for aging. We aged our half in French Oak casks before adding Tempranillo grapes and refermenting in the bottle. Look for the Alesong version featuring Syrah grapes!

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    7.4% ABV

    Collaboration with Alesong Brewing & Blending; Barrel aged coolship-spontaneous sour ale aged in oak with Tempranillo grapes. 

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Background photo credit: Nicholas Bielemeier Photography