4 PACK-CONTINUING EDUCATION Hazy Ipa (Matchless collab)

4 PACK-CONTINUING EDUCATION Hazy Ipa (Matchless collab)

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"Warehouse" IPA

6.6% abv

MATCHLESS Description:

Back to school already?! Yes indeed! Hand in hand we’re walking to school with our pals @logsdonfarmhouseales making another...Warehouse IPA? You mean Farmhouse IPA don’t you? Well if we’d gotten to brew this at the beautiful farmhouse facilities at Logsdon Farmhouse Ales, sure. But we brewed this here at Matchless in our glorious warehouse space!

For this sophomore collab at our place we used a fruity blend of Juice and Citrus yeast along with Centennial, Chinook, Moutere & Citra hops makes for unique flavors of tropical candies and aromas of bright citrus and stone fruit. It does have hints of that funky wild character you’d expect from a Farmhouse IPA but brewed in a controlled environment so wild critters don’t take over everything in the (ware) house.