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16oz Can Intergalactic Cemetery

16oz Can Intergalactic Cemetery

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Dry-Hopped Sour Ale-

In a graveyard in Philadelphia in 2017, a group of University of the Sciences students made an amazing discovery. From a collected sample of the bark of a dogwood tree, a previously unknown beer-fermenting species of yeast was found that produces lactic acid during its fermentation process, creating a beer with moderate tartness and citrus and stone fruit flavors and aromas. This beer may taste like a mixed-culture sour beer, but there is no bacteria or Brettanomyces used. All of the fermentation character is solely from this unique pure culture yeast. We brewed a sessionable table saison style wort with malted barley, wheat and flaked oats in order to highlight the unique yeast character. It was then dry-hopped with Galaxy and Citra to further accentuate citrus, stone fruit, and tropical aromas. For science! 4%ABV

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