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Spontaneous Sour Beers

Spontane Wide edit.jpg
Spontane Wilde original.jpg
Spontané Wilde 

Inspired by the spontaneously fermented Lambic and Gueuze of Belgium, Spontané Wilde is brewed with Mt. Hood water, Pilsner malt, raw wheat, and aged hops. The wort is boiled at length, then cooled overnight in our farmhouse's attic koelschip, before aging in French Oak barrels for up to 3 years.

The final beer is blended from old and young casks, and refermented in the bottle for natural carbonation. Bursting with aromas of lemon zest, grass, and funky brett, it is a beautiful display of the local microbes and our talented brewers/blenders. We are extremely proud of this beer. 

7.4% ABV // 5 IBU
The Continental.jpg
The Continental

The newest addition to our Spontaneous series features our traditional recipe aged in French Oak Cognac casks for 2 years before blending with a bit of younger spontaneous beer to ensure a natural refermentation in the bottle. 

Ripe stone fruit aromas compliment a subtle spice and nutty note from the Cognac casks, followed up by the classic funky brettanomyces of our spontaneous culture. 


7.7% ABV // 5 IBU
Spontane Blanc.jpg
Spontané Blanc

This sparkling wine inspired addition to our Spontaneous series features our traditional recipe aged with Gewurtztraminer grapes and Riesling juice from White Salmon Vineyards in Underwood, WA.  1 and 2 year old French Oak casks were carefully selected for fruiting, and blended with some young beer for refermentation in the bottle. 

Notes of white grapes and gooseberry mingle with a subtle oaky spice to compliment the refreshing acidity and subtle funky brettanomyces complexity.

7.7% ABV // 5 IBU
Spontane Syrah edit.jpg
Spontané Syrah

Spontané Syrah is a rosé-inspired addition to our Spontané series featuring Syrah grapes from the Garnier Vineyard in beautiful Mosier, OR. A simple wort of Mt. Hood water, Pilsner malt, saw wheat, and aged hops is boiled at length, then cooled and inoculated overnight in our koelschip loft before fermentation and aging in French oak barrels. The beer is comprised of 1-year old casks aged for 6 months on 2017 Syrah grapes blended with 2-year old casks aged on spent Syrah from 2016's harvest of the same vineyard block

Bottled with a very slight natural carbonation (Pétillant Naturel), Spontané Syrah has a beautiful pink color and lively acidity, boasting the peppery and fruity aromas and flavors of Syrah grapes. 

7.7% ABV // 5 IBU
Spontane Kriek bottle.jpg
Spontané Kriek

Spontane Kriek is blended from our most mature casks, each having spent over a year aging in our barrel cave in Hood River prior to adding 1.9 lbs/gallon of Jubileum and Danube cherries from the Hood River Valley. After another year of aging, the casks were blended and packaged without additional fermentables and allowed to mature for 3 months before release .

Notes of spice and tart fruit, oak, and funk from our spontaneous culture. The softer and more rounded quality of still (uncarbonated) beer downplays the acidity, allowing full appreciation of the complex flavors and aromas of the beer.

7.9% ABV // 12 IBU
Stems and Stones bottle.jpg
Stems & Stones

Collaboration with Mikkeller San Diego 

We hosted Mikkeller San Diego's Head Brewer Daniel Cady to be our guest blender for a day. What he and our brewers arrived at was a blend of spontaneously fermented sour ales aged in French Oak on second use plums and Syrah grapes. Funky, tart, and juicy, with just a touch of fruit and oak character.

7.3% ABV // 10 IBU
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