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Clean Ales & Lagers

Urban Encore

This easy drinking farmhouse ale is an homage to one of our favorite beers from our friends at The Commons Brewery. Brewed with Pilsner, Wheat, Vienna, and Oats, lightly hopped with Goldings and Fuggles, and fermented with a classic farmhouse ale yeast. It's an everyday drinking beer, and one of our favorites!

Alc. 5.0% // IBUs 18
Logsdon Lager can.jpg
Hell and Oats edit.jpg
Logsdon Lager


German Style Pilsner features the delicate flavors of German Pilsner Malt, subtle spicy hop flavors from Hallertau Mittelfruh hops, and the crisp, clean profile of a classic Bavarian lager yeast. At just 5.3% ABV, it is eminently drinkable, and the go-to beer for our staff shift pints. Prost!

Alc. 5.3% // IBUs 15
Hell and Oats edit.jpg
Helles For Sinners


Lightly smoked Helles lager, brewed with Oregon State Homebrewer Of The Year Russel Berger. Inspired by Aecht Schlenkerla Helles Lagerbier. Classic Pilsner malt profile and Bavarian yeast strain balanced by Smaragd hops and 10% beechwood smoked malt. Prost!

Alc. 5.0% // IBUs 15
Licensed To Mill edit.jpg
Pacific Chorus IPA

Pacific Chorus is a Pacific Northwest Style IPA, featuring Simcoe, Amarillo, Cascade, Chinook, and Azacca hops. Brewed with a blend of domestic and UK imported malts along with a healthy dose of oats, Pacific Chorus retains a solid malt backbone while the dry finish allows the aromatic assault of hops to shine

Alc. 7.3% // IBUs 50
Dry English Stout original.jpg
Down With The Sun

Our English-style Oatmeal Stout is chewy, malty, and packed with flavor. Brewed with UK malts, including lots of Pale hocolate malt and Golden Naked Oats. Bready, nutty toffee, and smooth chocolate flavors make this a joy to sip. Cheers!

Alc. 6.3% // IBUs 22
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