Logsdon Farmhouse Ales

Shilpi Halemane began brewing and managing yeast at the company in October 2015. Shilpi brewed previously at Widmer Brothers in Portland, OR and worked in the Quality Control Lab ar Yards Brewing Co. in Philadelphia, PA. 

Seaberg Einarsson is the artist. A partner. He created the lables for our beer. Signs and the web site. Seaberg is from Iceland and spent all his life as manager in the hospitality industry. A good friend of David since 1985.

Charlie Van Meter A brewer. 

David Logsdon is the farm brewer. David was one of the founders of Full Sail Brewing in Hood River and the founder of Wyeast Laboratories. David is from Ohio. The farmhouse brewery is located on his property.


Our brewery operates as a cooperative with it's member partners participating in all aspects ​of the brewery works.


Judith Bams Logsdon is David's wife. Judith is from Belgium ​and much of our inspiration and many resources. She assists in many areas.She is a partner.


John Plutshack is in charge of daily operation at the brewery.

Jodie Ayura, is the office manager. Both are partners. They are husband and wife.

Our Team